Max's 1st Ambulance Ride

Unfortunately, Max wasn't able to show how excited he was about this event because his whole little body was hurting. He did chat with the nurses in the back most of the way there and back again. I could hear his squeeky little voice going a mile a minute back there.


Ed Noble said...

You guys don't know me. I'm a pastor and Randee's church. But I have been and am praying right now for you. Please know there are people that care at Journey and are thinking about you and talking to God about Max frequently.

Much Love,

Ed Noble

Anonymous said...

sweet sweet boy.....


rhonda dudley


Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for our Max...I pray he comes home this week end...Hugs...Prayers...Love..Linny

Erin Newman-Smith said...

Sweet boy with a squeaky voice! I'm glad he felt OK enough to chat up the nurses. Sending prayers, good thoughts, hope and love your way.

cousin Erin

Shannon B. said...

You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Melis, just sent you and Andy an email. Talk to you soon. Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

I definitely liked the photos of Max in the fire truck much better! :) xoxoxoxolisa

BDumaine said...

Andy, we met at the last Magic Water Project meeting. I now see the heavy yet precious burden your family carries. I pray for and wish you and your family the strength to bring Sam safely through.


San Diego Mom said...

I will pray that there will come a day when Max can show this picture to his friends and brag about it........Shiho

Anonymous said...

Hey Max
I had a ride in an Ambulance too! I liked the siren did you get the siren too. When you feel a little better tell Mom and Dad to call me in for a visit. Feel better lil man.

Peace out yo!


Anonymous said...

Mr Max and family!

Prayers and love to you all! When I see Max's sweet little smile, it makes me want to hug all of you! I am sending my hugs to you this way and want you to know you are in my prayers every day!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you daily even when driving God and I are in conversation. ( people just think I talking to myself). I ask that Max,Andy,Melissa,Hannah,and Nicholas be surrounded in Gods Strength,Love,and Healing. My Love goes out to all of you in this difficult battle.
Jon McClure

Anonymous said...

It sucks hearing you're having such a rough time Max :( I hope the radiation and morphine control your pain so that you can start on your treatment plan to stop the stupid beast. Stay strong lil man!

-Tawny (Just another person praying for Max!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Prayers for Max from Boston.
Julie (Lacey) O'Sullivan

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