Crazy schedule this week

Max has had such a busy schedule this week. Here's a look at what his calendar was/is like:

Monday - Inpatient
Tuesday - Check out of hospital 5:00pm, drive directly to UCSD Cancer Center for radiation.
Weds - Clinic 9:00am for chemo. Appt lasted 6 six hours. Drive home, grab a snack, pick up Hannah from school and head back to radiation.
Thurs - 7:45a radiation set-up scan, sedated. Stay for thigh radiation (so we don't have to come back at 4:00). Leave radiation for Children's Hosp for an MIBG injection at 11:15. Come home (except for having to pick-up Nicky & Hannah)!!
Friday - 9:00a - MIBG bone scan and 4:30 radiation appt.

He has had a lot of nausea from this chemo, and is having some dizziness caused possibly by several of his medications. He's also wearing a pull-up 24/7 by his own choice because of diahrrea. He hasn't wanted to even stop by school. Hopefully I can get him there for even a little bit this afternoon when we pick-up Hannah and maybe tomorrow for a short spell.

His spirits are much better today and yesterday. The radiation techs didn't know who I had with me the past two days - he was cheery and cute Max, not that other child possessed by decadron that I was carting around with me. It's so nice to have most of his back!


San Diego Mom said...

Welcome back, Max! Though, if there was some karaoke machine around, I'm sure people will sing "Just the way you are" by Billy Joel. Just like Max, yes with all his cancer, duel personality caused by drugs, and crying, we all still deeply, deeply love you. The weather is getting better just in time as though they know Max is on his way. Hopefully we will see him in the line, under the sun very soon. Shiho

Will's Dad said...

Have a great Friday at MIBG and then radiation!!! Hoping your weekend looks better

Randee said...

Whew!! How in the world do you keep track of where you are going and where you've been!!?! Can't wait for the "Walk of Champions" tomorrow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We're all looking forward to seeing Max today...even if it's just for a little bit. I realized I was on Cloud Nine last night because I got to see Max and did get one perky smile out of him when we talked about "publishing" his latest Star Wars adventure book (part of a series he's writing!) :) As always praying for you & praying extra hard today with it being scan day.

Anonymous said...

Saying many prayers for Max..I hope you have a good and fun week end...Happy Mother's Day to a fabulous mom! xo Linny

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