Wear Your Care Update 3

This morning closed Mrs. Sturt's Wear Your Care Fundraiser for Max and the Magic Water Project (this doesn't mean you still can't get a band!). I betcha wanna know how many bracelets were sold and how much money was raised... Before I tell you, let me share some other gems with you:

  • There was an all school assembly to celebrate the caring attitude demonstrated by all the students at Solana Highlands - not just for this incredible fundraiser but for the caring they showed each other all month long.

  • Most of the kids and parents were wearing orange, as well as their Live Life to the Max! bands.

  • A mom-friend of mine brought a bag full of orange hairspray to decorate the kids with.

  • People from 20 other states in these United States of America ordered bracelets through this fundraiser.

  • Bracelets were also sent to about 10 countries far and wide including Iraq, Sweden and Asia.

And the numbers are:
Max and Hannah unfurled the total: 1379 bands were ordered and $10,707 was raised! But there's more! Mrs. Sturt is still receiving orders for the orange bands - as of this morning those orders pushed the total to almost $10,900.

Mrs. Sturt, still flush from the amazing outpouring of love from our community, surrounding schools and world in general, revealed her next fundraiser for Magic Water (as modeled by Hannah):

Magic Coins for Magic Water: a little change can do magic!

Magic Coins is a way for kids to keep on giving - even if just a little bit. Every classroom in our school will have a jar with the Magic Coins logo on it and they drop coins into it whenever they can. I think any school could do this fundraiser - don't you?

If you are interested in ordering a Live Life to the Max! band, please send a donation of $5 per band (or more!) along with a double-stampled SASE to: Mrs. Lisa Sturt c/o Solana Highlands Elementary School, 3520 Long Run Drive, San Diego, CA 92130

Thank you everyone. Today was a teary day, but for good reasons!

Ms. Weitz * Mrs. Sturt * Ms. Mulvaney -- sporting their Wear Your Care!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...what an amazing assembly! Looking at the sea of orange in the amphitheater was....AWESOME!! When leaving school today one of my kinders said her favorite part of the day was "getting to see Max at the assembly and show him that I had a bracelet to help him"
Smiles to all....

Anonymous said...

Hi Max and Mikulaks!!

I am soooo sorry I missed the assembly! I just keep hearing AMAZING things about it! I tried to stop by the school this past Friday to say hello, but San Diego traffic made me late. Bummer :( But I am wearing my bracelet and it is the coolest!!! Max and Hannah, I also loved the Star Wars commercial. Was that rehearsed or all on the spot? Quite impressive! Well, I miss seeing you guys. Max, I miss playing Star Wars Lego Game with you at recess. Hope to see you guys soon!

High Fives,
Ms. Ginn :)

Anonymous said...

Friday was an amzing assembly...I felt privileged to be there...I now understand why Max and his entire family has pulled on my daughters heart strings...and rightly so...it was so awesome to see sooo much support and caring love for another human being. If we could only package it! Thank you Andy for the great hug and the show of appreciation for what my daughter has done..Prayers continue all over America for Max and your family. I feel honored to have met the Mikulak family. Linda Matthews (L. Stuart's mom)

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