Wear Your Care Final!

Ok, folks, the numbers are in: Over $11,000 was raised and close to 1700 wristbands ordered! WOW!

For those of you who ordered a band and didn't receive it (due to our short-sightedness on how well this campaign would go!), the new bands should be arriving by Halloween. We're so sorry for the long wait! We'll have your bands to you as soon as we get them. Thank you for your patience!

As for ordering a band if you would like more or simply don't have yours yet, please make a donation of any amount directly to Magic Water then send me an email with your mailing address, band size preference (child, medium or large) and I'll send your bracelet to you. (I think Mrs. Sturt needs a break!)

Mrs. Sturt worked so hard on this project and the money is still rolling in. Thank you all so much for your support and for Wearing Your Care. I'd have to say that this fundraiser was a huge success, wouldn't you?

The proceeds from this fundraiser went to the Magic Water Project which moves lab research into clinical trials for our kids by providing the much needed funds to make it happen. We believe that there is a cure for NB - it just hasn't been tried yet.


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Hi Melissa-

Great news on the fundraiser! Go Mrs. Sturt! We sent in a check for 10 bracelets to Mrs. Sturt so if you are managing I guess just send a mixture of adult med and large and maybe 1 child. I dont think Max will want to wear one but you never know- he's two and associates bracelets with the hospital:( I hope Max M does all right with radiation coming up. All the best-
Carrie Palmer

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