Max Deux

Here's a post from another mom on the east coast who has her own little Max battling NB (Max Palmer). It feels so good to see so many NB parents liking what the Magic Water Project is doing for our kids.

September 24, 2007 at 01:28 PM EDT
Hi everyone- This isn't really a medical update though Max seems to be continuing on the bumpy road with some great days and not so great days. Today was a good day so we'll take it. Keep those good vibes coming!

We just wanted to let you know about a cool kid named Max Mikulak who lives in sunny CA and is also fighting neuroblastoma. His 1st grade teacher is selling orange “Live Life to the MAX!” wristbands to raise money for neuroblastoma research. (I think they look like the livestrong bracelets). He has such a great teacher and school – every kid in his school bought one to support him.

The proceeds go to a really amazing organization called the Magic Water Project (link) which helps move ideas for treatment from the labs out into clinical trials that aren't getting funded for children to participate in. Its run by a smart group of parents and doctors like a venture capital- they research the ideas and selectively fund the ones that have the most potential.

Anyway, since WE have an inspiring little Max in our lives too- I talked to Max Mikulak's mom and am jumping on their idea. If you are interested in a bracelet to support the Maxs and a great cause, send $5 per wristband along with a double-stampled SASE to: Mrs. Lisa Sturt c/o Solana Highlands Elementary School 3520 Long Run Drive San Diego, CA 92130


Anonymous said...

The Palmer clan has already purchased 78 bracelets! Our hearts are with them! Praying for smooth roads and Cloud 9 for all the NB Warriors! GO MAX!!!

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