San Diego Fires

We're getting a lot calls and emails wondering if we're okay, and, Yes, we are. Carmel Valley (located on the east side of the I-5 from Del Mar) was asked to voluntarily evacuate early this morning, so we did. Packed up the kids and few items and went down to mom and dad's house in North Park. Max had a clinic appointment this morning, too.

The fires are still far east of our area. But the smoke and soot have been so bad since Sunday noon at our house that we would've left anyway. You couldn't even go outside and the inside of the house became smokey even with the house shut tight. School was closed today and will be again Tuesday due to air quality.

Should anything come up we will post. Thanks for caring!


Vickie said...

Thanks for posting this news. Erin and I have been worried about the families (yours and Sam's) that we follow in So Cal.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are far enough from the fires. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Stay Safe

Anonymous said...

Be careful!

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