Yesterday Melissa, Lori, Jasneet and Brenda, and the incomparable Ms. Weitz tallied the donations from the Miracles for Max fundraiser at his school and the total came to just north of $10K!! This from only two weeks of fundraising. We have an amazing school and live in an amazing community! We also think Max was lucky enough to have the best teacher possible to experience Kindergarten this year in Ms. Weitz who took such a personal and professional interest in his situation. Ms. Weitz, we couldn't have made it through the school year without you. Solana Highlands parents, students, teachers/assistants, administrators and the community-at-large. You have helped save lives. The money will be used by the MagicWater Project to help fund an important phase 1 trial that previously was only available out-of-state. Now, it will be available here at Children's San Diego which will make it much easier for parents and their children to get access to this experimental but promising treatment.

Thank you!! Your donations will do good, in our community, for kids that need help the most. Your donations will help save lives.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed how Max's cancer can just break your heart and fill it to overflow all at the same time. Praise God for balance and Ms. Weitz for stepping out and giving so much---Kudos Ms. Weitz and the Solana Highlands community!!! Annee Ranee

Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLE! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who made this happen!!

Anonymous said...

We couldn't be more proud of the students, parents, school staff and the community who made this possible. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to tell you all how we feel, but it comes from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you all.

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