I am your father Luke

Last weekend at Legoland - just up the road in lovely Carlsbad - it was Star Wars weekend. For anybody who doesn't have a six-year old boy, Lego has effectively kept the Star Wars franchise alive for another 20 years by absolutely captivating the minds of young boys with their Star Wars merch. From video games to $100 Star Cruiser sets, Lego has definitely done well with this license. So, since Max seriously thinks and talks about nothing else other than Star Wars and Legos, we thought we'd go. We even brought Nic along for his first amusement park experience. He's such the third child. Eating ice cream at 3 months. Amusement parks at 20 months. Good thing I don't like cigs or I'd be sharing my smokes with Nic while watching WWE on friday nights. But I digress...

Max was definitely excited to go. So on Saturday morning we got going early and met papa and aunt Joanne at papa's club down the hill from us for breakfast, then shoved off for the short 10 minute ride north to the flower fields of Carlsbad and Legoland. We finally got through the entrance around 11:30 and began our day.

Just like NYC but, sadly, without the surly cabbies.

Max with the only live character he'd take a picture with that day.

A boy, his Wookie and the Wookie's crossbow are not easily separated.

Nic. Confused. Because he sees NASCAR in front of him, but wonders where his can of Old Milwaukee is...

And the best part of the weekend was that we let the kids watch 'The Empire Strikes Back' for the first time ever on Sunday so they finally understood the phrase that bears this blog's title.

Like a true boy, Nic reaching out to the bad guy Darth Vader (out of the frame but what he's reaching for) and ignoring the cute robot. But not Hannah, she avoids the bad guys (phew!).


Randee said...

WOW!!! What an awesome day at Lego Land. Kids look like they had a great time but I think their Dad reeeeaaaallllly had the most fun!!!

Who the heck is that crazy dog with the cigar anyway!!!?! Glad you enjoyed the day!! Love ya--Randee

Randee said...

PS Can't wait til Saturday---HEE--Hee--Hee!!!

Anonymous said...

I am part of the 501st. Thank you for comin on by and seeing us. You wrote us an email about visting your son. However we do not have an event time or place!

please email me the information so we can talk. Thank you and god bless


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday Dear Max!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

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