MagicWater Project is officially live

I won't try and duplicate genius. Patrick Lacey, dad to NB warrior Will Lacey had a phone call with the other MagicWater parents this past Wednesday and promptly set out to raise money for our mission - saving lives. Patrick wrote an incredible entry on his blog here, and it really does an incredible job explaining what we're trying to accomplish and why there is a need for what MagicWater is doing and what it means to Will. Please read it, and if you have the time, other entries on Will's blog, it really gives a good insight into the daily life of a family battling NB. Plus, the pictures of Will are just precious. He's a crack-up and though I've never met Will, I hope to someday.


Anonymous said...

I read this entry last night on Will's blog. His dad so often has great entries. I think it is so wonderful how more people are getting involved with Magic Water and the word is getting out. I just know you all will do great things through this project!

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