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Ahhh... summer has arrived and as a friend said in an email sent out to some lovely folks that drop dinners at our doorstep during chemo weeks, "Hope you're enjoying the start of summer! Unfortunately for the Mikulak's, there is NO vacation from cancer." Couldn't have said it better myself, although it was like someone hit me in the face with a cold glass water.

Nonetheless, we are having a bit of vacation time. Been to the beach: Max's head got a little sunburned. Oops. All three kids had a blast as usual digging up sand bugs and saving the toys from washing away in the waves. Made a field trip to Papa's new pool and found out that it is indeed not heated. But we all got in and had lots of fun anyway.

Max did need to make two appearances at the clinic this week for CBCs. He was due to start chemo Monday, but his platelets were still too low. Could've tried for a Thursday start, but then decided that being at the hospital over the weekend would just stink, so we opted to try for a start next Monday. Should be a go as his platelets are strong and we're giving him two booster GCSF shots tonight and tomorrow to lift his white count.

Good thing we stopped into clinic today and ran into Nurse Amy. She saw Max's birthday party invite (very Lego Star Wars) and told me that Legoland was having their annual Lego Star Wars Weekend this Saturday and Sunday. We are so going! Max and Hannah are gonna flip out. The kids will absolutely love it! Max and Hannah play Lego Star Wars on the PS2 (playstation 2) every chance we give them and Max saves and spends his allowance on Lego Star Wars sets only. His most recent purchase was the Jabba the Hut Sail Barge at $75! Yikes! BTW: he gets about $5 per week so this took a while to save for. And a big thanks goes out to Papa who threw him a $50 which took him well over the top!

Max and Hannah are going to attend two summer day camps: Camp Reach for the Sky, hosted by the American Cancer Society. And SportsJam2007 hosted by Solana Beach Presbyterian Church where the kids attended preschool. Cancer Camp will be really great for Max because they can attend to all of his treatment needs while he's there for the week. Transfusions, CBCs, hopefully nothing else! This will be a great experience for Hannah, too, as she is definitely feeling the effects of being sibling to a cancer kid. "Second class sibling" is constantly running through my mind (Syd Birrell).

Our last big adventure of the summer will be our family vacation to Carmel, CA. We've rented a cottage that is two blocks from two beaches and a few blocks to town. Can't wait to see the Monterey Aquarium, too!

We've got friends and family setting up mini-adventures for Max, too. We'll post as these come up - there are some doozees! Have a great summer! Let us know when you're heading to the beach. Post your thoughts and comments - we love to read them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mikulaks! We'd love to meet you at the beach sometime this summer! I'm sure Katie would love to have her first "taste" of beach sand! Here's to summer...

Kevin Seidel said...

Hey, let us know when your plans take you to Carmel - and if there's room for interlopers to stop and say howdy.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are squeezing in some fun summertime stuff!!
Ms. Weitz

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