A few Miracles for Max Stories

The stories keep trickling in. I wanted to share a few with you about the fundraising that took place at Hannah & Max's school over the past two weeks.
  • A group of 2nd grade boys and girls got together after school one day and sold chocolate milk and frappacinos to the parents waiting to pick up their kids and made $228! Papa John was there and said they were really working hard. Greg, Hannah, Robin, Jinny, Eric, Samuel, Soojin, Jaeyoung - thank you!
  • Many children donated their very own allowance money to help Max. I know personally of two little girls who took $20 each from their piggy banks. Thank you Julia and Jamie!
  • Another class sold lemonade after school and I hear they made over $200! That must have been some good lemonade!
  • This came in with a donation: "Thank you for being strong for all of us. Love Ava Cross" with lots of hand drawn hearts and a rainbow. Her sister Alexa wrote, "For Max. We love you. Alexa."
  • Another note: "Dear Max, I feel sad for you. I want you to feel better, make your life wonderful, your a superhero Max. I hope you get well someday. Have a nice life! From Joyce 1st grader."

I could go on and on! Thanks everyone!


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