Some progress...

We're back from Vermont. We got back to San Diego on Sunday, around noon, after 6 days away from home. Max was very, very happy to be home, see Hannah and Nic (and Mommy too of course!)... and play his Star Wars video game, 'natch.

Tuesday (1/2), our first day at the hospital, you'll recall that Max had an MRI and bone-marrow aspiration/biopsy. Well we just heard from Dr. Sholler, Max's onc in Vermont and the results of the bone marrow were negative! So we're happy to have some early indication of progress after 3 courses of chemo. Don't know if the Nifurtimox is helping or not and quite honestly am not going to worry about it too much... just like to see progress.

Below, some additional pics from Vermont. It was quite warm during the rest of our stay but Max still had a good time, especially at the ECHO center a few blocks away from the RMH where we stayed.


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