OK, if you REALLY want to help...

Andy & I know you all love Max and want to do something for him, and because of that Max is receiving lots of great stuff from everyone - too much stuff. We're having some issues on the home front due to it. wink ;-)

We thank you for all your thoughtfulness and caring. We know you all want to help Max in some way, however, the gifts, the money to buy a book for himself, the new clothes... it's all a little overwhelming for a five year old boy! (Stop it, and I mean it.) (I'm not kidding.) (Stop looking at me that way!)

"Gee," you say, "I really want to do something for this great little kid. I really want to help!"

Well, we say you still can. You can do something that could stop neuroblastoma in it's tracks and help Max get through this battle and into adulthood. Please make a donation in honor of Max to the Penelope and Sam Fund. We have chosen to support this fund because the research and trials being done through it are multi-agent studies: they utilize drugs that have been shown to work against NB while adding new agents to the mix to hopefully get better results.

The Penelope and Sam Fund was set up by the parents of Penelope London and Sam Hutchison (Max's Nintendo buddy) to fund new treatments for relapsed neuroblastoma. The research is being headed up by the amazing Dr. Giselle Sholler at The University of Vermont. The fund has already made possible a new clinical trial for Nifurtimox (which Max is on right now). We are deeply grateful for any and all donations. Please know that no donation you can make is too little. 100% of your money will go to researching (not a salary) and beating this nasty disease. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you from Max and all kids fighting nb.

You may make your check payable to:
Penelope and Sam Fund
c/o Rick Blount, Assistant Dean for Development & Alumni Relations
The University of Vermont College of Medicine
E-100 Given Building, 89 Beaumont Ave.
Burlington, VT 05405
Voice: 802-656-4405/ Fax: 802-656-5788


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