Chemo Round IV

Max did get to start his 4th chemo treatment on Monday. His platelets more than recovered from the previous week and he was off to a great Monday start. Also received the results for his bone marrow biopsy from last week - no disease in the marrow. Love that news.

The days are definately long this week: stopping in La Jolla for radiation first, then heading down to Childrens for chemo. Somehow we've managed to get out of there before 5:00 each day. (Much thanks to all the nurses! Those gals rock.)

Max had two fun visitors this week: his very own kindergarten teacher, Ms. Weitz, has stopped by twice to tutor Max in some of the school work he has missed out on this week! The poster in the background was made by all his classmates.And, a hometown hero here in San Diego: Trevor Hoffman (famous closing pitcher for the San Diego Padres). Ol' Trev stopped by with a few friends to drop off autographed baseball caps to Max and his buddy, Sam. Ok... he stopped and talked to all the other kids, too!

Max is feeling good this week. He's a little tired. I'm sure that can be contributed to several things: lack of activity, radiation, chemotherapy, boredom. His attitude is great, however, and he's been a pleasure to hang out with everyday - as usual.


Anonymous said...

I just wrote a message and it didn't publish...You are too cool with Trevor and your teacher is very pretty! You are doing very well with your tests and I liked the story about the making of your mask...kind of Star Wars stuff! Haha. Auntie Reba and Ashley miss you very much. So do I. You are doing fantastic!

Unca Taca

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