New Week, same stuff

He had a clinic appt Monday morning for CBCs. His red blood cells were low, so he stayed for refill (transfusion). We were prepared to stay and had lots to do including gluing a wooden tank together, playing battleship, and laying around watching TV. When Max's reds are low so is his energy level. We'll that all changed once the transfusion was complete. That kid came alive, I tell you. He did a "happy dance" and song about having his port de-accessed. He talked all the way home in the car and continued to talk (non-stop, I kid you not) until he went to bed that night... 5 hours. You couldn't shut him up. He even joked around about taking his medicine and getting his shot. (If you recall, Max has to receive 1 shot in the leg each night for 10 nights following chemo to boost his white cells.) The boy was on fire. What a hoot!

Tuesday morning he had his last radiation appointment! Hooray. Hopefully it did it's job.

He spent the rest of Tuesday at school and is there again today - for the whole day! He's so happy to be there.


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