Thank you, Jack

During the summer in our neighborhood we have free evening concerts every Sunday night. Hundreds of families come with their picnic dinners, chairs, frisbees and soccer balls. The music is loud and fun, and a good time is had by all.

This summer, one of Max's friends decided to pack his wagon full of lemonade, water and goodies and sell them blanket-to-blanket at two of the concerts. We received this note from him:
This $15 is for Max's Ring of Fire from my fundraisers. Thank you, Jack
Max thought Jack was the coolest kid in school. Jack was a little bigger than the other kids and super-sports guy. He could play everything - and was good at everything, too. Max I think, looked at Jack with perhaps a little envy at his abilities, but also lived through him while watching him play.

This picture is from Max's 6th birthday party. Max's face looks like this because he liked Jack that much.
Our thanks to you Jack for bringing a smile to Max's face and to ours.


Jenee said...

What a great kid with a BIG heart! Shame on those concert goers for not purchasing more of Jack's goodies...:)

Thelma said...

Jack, you are a special young man. First, for that smile you gave Max. Secondly, for your spirit of giving and helping. It means so much to all of us.

Thank you, Max's Nana

Bree said...

Nothing makes my heart swell more than when I child does something so selfless.

Anonymous said...

Jack was touched as much by Max as Max was touched by Jack. Jack carries on in his giving ways in Max's memory. Sweet memory. Every Mom and Dad wants their child to have a Jack in their child's life. Max continues to touch all of us. Sweet boy. East Coast Friend

Anonymous said...

Jack and his friend, Daniel, were in the planning stages long before the concerts even started. They were making signs and "developing their business plan" like true entrepreneurs. Amazing what 7 year olds can do! Max obviously lives on in these boys.

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