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When Max relapsed we felt it important to help his fellow classmates keep up with what was going on, and attempt to tell Max's story from a 5/6 year-old's perspective. We called this blog "Max's Kid-Friendly Blog" and it didn't include any of the occasional complicated, dark posts that were meant for older audiences on this blog. About October 2007 we stopped updating Max's Kid-Friendly Blog; it just became complicated to keep going. At some point before or right after Max died, I rejiggered the entire blog to move it from an active treatment mode to a mourning and remembrance mode. At the time, I didn't even know if we would continue posting or just let the blog remain as it was. In my rejiggering, I removed the link to Max's Kid Friendly Blog, and have recently revisited the site and thought I'd simply share it here in case you never saw it in the first place - there are many great adventures from our glorious summer of 2007 described in much greater detail than on this blog.


Tonight is Halloween. Thus begins the "sucky season" which ends January 1. This year, Hannah is a belly dancer/girl-genie (Lord, help me, I have a tween girl), while Nicky is going to be a pirate. Max (Bruce the shark) will join us tonight of course.

October 31, 2003. Hannah the butterfly and Max the alligator. This was our first Halloween in our current house.


Thelma said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It's good to see all the fun and smiles again!

Randee said...

Hope your Trick or Treat was fun. We enjoyed the Rememerance Service at your church yesterday. Thank you for including us. When the pastor was talking about memories I thought of the night Mike and I were at your house with H, M, & N; Andy had taken them to Comic Con and Max got the Storm Trooper outfit. He was in pain but insisted he would do it himself; he went in the toy room and put that entire costume on including his tennis shoes (refusing help from Annee Rannee). It was quite an effort for Max to complete this task and as I watched from a distance with tears in my eyes wanting so much to help I realized Max was teaching me a life lesson. There is no challenge in this life we cannot overcome if we have faith and dermination. With love and appreciation for all Max taught me--it really is okay to say, " don't talked to me!".

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