October 26, 2004

Yesterday, 5 years ago, we began the journey that changed our lives forever. Max checked in to Children's Hospital with what was eventually diagnosed as Stage IV, high-risk neuroblastoma.


Anonymous said...

knew this date was coming up.... thinking of you & MAX all the time.

Hans Weberling said...

What an angel. You just want to give him a kiss!

Our Hans was diagnosed 10/25/06...3 years ago.

Lara Weberling

Shannon B. said...

It was the most heart wrenching journey anyone could ever go through. Max was SO lucky to be born to such great parents. You were his heros.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful parents, sweet boy. Thinking of you all the time. Prayers to all of your family. He loved you so, you took such good care of him. East Coast Friend

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wish i could say more...but i can't.

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