...and thank you, Shiny

Two in one day.

While picking up Hannah from school today, one of her friends came to me with two kid-tattered envelopes filled with $22.55.

Cheyenne, or Shiny as everyone calls her, held two lemonade stands this summer to raise money for Max's Ring of Fire. Her little brother, Tristan (aka T-Dog), became friends with Max when the boys were three and she and Hannah were in Kindergarten together. We had lots of playdates with those two kids, and Hannah went home regularly with Shiny after school when Max was in the hospital. A very kind family raising very kind and compassionate children.

Thank you, Shiny. You are a bright light in this sometimes dark world. Keep shining.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Aren't kids great? Way to go, Shiny! =] L.

Anonymous said...

and don't forget their awesome mom who crafts all the fabulous Max inspired jewelry and won't take a cent for it, just requesting donations to mrof

Melis said...

This is so true. Shiny's mom has made Max inspired jewelry that I wear everyday to have a little "Max" with me at all times. I will treasure these gifts for the rest of my life. Friends requesting her beautiful works have been asked to make a donation to our fund as "payment". Again: wonderful family.

Thelma said...

When we have children like Shiny and Jack in our lives... and their families... We're certain the world has a bright future.

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