3 C's

I think many of the readers of this blog know Max exclusively through what is posted here. And many readers joined us recently, when much of Max's life consisted of too many sad/unhappy times and not enough good ones. Below, are three videos which - to me - epitomize strong characteristics of Max at various points in the last seven years. He really was a normal kid, put into an abnormal circumstance that unfortunately changed him to some extent, though his core remained unchanged. He was a cool, caring and crazy kid.

In this video, Max merges the who-gives-a-d*mn-what-I-sound-like style of Henry Rollins with the who-gives-a-d*mn-what-I-look-like geeky cool of Beck into his own rendition of 'Ring of Fire' (his signature song).

Max had to try three times to make this happen. He was so innocent and gentle which I think is what made him so attractive to the girls in his classes.

One of the characteristics that I missed most in the last few years. Max was born very physically aggressive and unafraid. When he was just walking, I would crawl after him, chasing him into a corner - he'd come charging at me in an attempt to break through. He had many scars on his face and head from these early years of acion. Here, at two years old, finding out more about gravity and how fun it was.


Will's Dad said...

Thanks for posting these videos...I especially enjoyed 2 year old kamikaze Max bombing down that slope, unafraid, on his bike.

Anonymous said...

It's so awesome of you & Melissa to share so much of Max's life with all of us. Although I never met him, I feel so close to him and he stole a piece of my heart. He was an amazing and "normal" little boy just like all of our sons are, and it breaks my heart that in just 7 years, he endured so much pain & that you had to lose your little angel. I know a part of him will live on forever in the 4 of you, and what a blessing that you had him for the 7 years that you did.
Love, Tifani

Anonymous said...

When Max first learned he could run properly he
seemed to have chosen me as the "safe" object
of the male rite of passage,sometimes called
"busting chops" Whenever I turned up at their
home,he would go into action. Head down,he
would charge at me full force,hoping to do some
real damage. Sort of the little kid testing himself
against the old goat! He being determined,and me
being slow to react,he hit his target most of the time.
I must say I enjoyed his little game more after he
got taller!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your son with us.

Sarah said...

thanks so much for sharing the videos! the spaghetti one was really cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing these Andy! Its nice to see the real MAx at this time.

PS I just had a thought you might enjoy... Crappy Novena!

Anonymous said...

I love the videos. They are so sweet! What a wonderful boy. I love seeing the bond he and Hannah share as well. When I think of Max, I will think of him doing his little dance and singing.

Anonymous said...

I have a HUGE smile on my face. Thank you for sharing these videos.

Talita said...

Thanyou soo much for shareing thease MAX moments...Max was a normal little kid facing abnormal circumstances, as you said and I am sure that you and Melis always treated him as so...

Alisa said...

Thanks so much for sharing Max with us. And his journey. I'm sure that at a time like this, nothing really helps, but it seems that Max really used his years. We can all learn from him and you, as his parents. He's touched a lot of people. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Max...cool, caring and crazy Angel,

As tears fall, I still seem to laugh and smile whenever I see you.

As an avid Johnny Cash fan, I think you have have most definitely performed this song beautifully. I give it a 10!!! And by the way, your guitarist is quite something! She needs an agent and a million dollar contract!!!

You will always be with us-
Leigh, Ingo, Noah & Zoe William

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Max with us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those. So cute. Max definitely had the three C's in abundance.

Anonymous said...

I feel so blessed to have known Maxie. What AWESOME videos! I so remember Max as a "wildman", since Hanna was in kinderkarten! THANK YOU Melis and Andy for including us in your life and sharing everything Max was with us. He was a special kid! We will all miss him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Melissa,

I am probably one of the names you didn't recognize earlier this week, so I wanted to add some more. I met Max at a birthday party about a year ago. (It was Noah's party with the 10 foot wall of flame followed by a water fight, in fortunate order.) At the time he reminded me of my own son, Paul, in the next grade at Solana Highlands. In addition to the blond hair and zero excess body fat (Max had more, in a good way of course) they both had this enthusiasm and sparkle. Reading Papa's story above, I'll add gusto. I've really enjoyed getting to know Max better through all of the pictures and stories you have shared, including and especially seeing how he was his own unique and special guy. The videos are awesome show that in spades.

Marni Bartlett

Anonymous said...

Oh Papa - That is such an awesome story! I love it! I love hearing the stories that show so much of Max's character.

Keep the videos, pictures and stories coming. I feel like I can't get enough of them.

Continued prayers and virtual hugs to you guys.

Suzie said...
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Anonymous said...

Max is the coolest kid! How many 6 or 7 yr olds know a Johnny Cash song??

Sweet...I did notice in one of Deb's photos that a whole group of girls was keeping Max (sitting in his wheelchair) company during recess. What a gentle soul...

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