Max's Celebration of Life

Max at Del Mar, October 2005

We will be hosting a Celebration of Max's Life from 9-10am on Saturday, September 6 at Seagrove Park in Del Mar (Google map). This will be a child-focused, child-friendly celebration. Seagrove Park is where we spend many weekend mornings together as a family - the rocks there are and were a special play site for Hannah and Max, and the park also afforded a good view of the trains passing on the tracks only feet away on the lower bluff.

Anyone and everyone is welcome - dress is casual (shorts and flip-flops welcome) befitting a weekend morning near the coast. If you feel the urge, wear one or any of the following visual themes that personify Max: the color orange, flames (ie, hot rods), camoflauge (ie, WWII), skate, or Star Wars, fish, dinosaurs or sharks (a favorite).

Come a little bit early for warm bagels and we'll get started at 9am sharp. There will be take-home build-a-Lego table stations for the kids to keep themselves occupied with during the Celebration.

Above, flashback to July 2006. Cancer-free (not really, as we found out later) and care-free. I just want people to remember that Max was a normal, kooky boy too.

p.s. Instructions for interacting with parents with recently deceased young children: should you see or overhear us laughing, here's why (thanks for the wonderful story Margo).
p.p.s. Says-it-all quote of the day: "Dear Max. I loved it when you were living. I will miss you." written by future US Open/Wimbledon champion and classmate Luke. THANK YOU LUKE!


San Diego Mom said...

You kept the torch burning bright in the Mikulak family during the period that Max was fighting the cancer. I'm sure you will keep it lit bright, with smile and laughter, though shaded by a sadness, nevertheless, bright enough so that Max will always be able to see it from heaven, knowing that you are living your life to the Max. I hope I can come up with some humor to make you smile. But my mind isn't functioning quite well since I read the blog....


Kevin Seidel said...

IF there's anybody that can find a mouse in their purse to laugh about, it's you guys. Wait, does that make sense?

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help in preparation for Max's celebration on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family.
We will be there on Saturday morning to celebrate Max's life, with Princess Leia hair-do and Darth Vader light sabers in tow.

Please let us know what we can do to help for Saturday.

Much love,
The Riggins Family
Clarissa, Dave, Hannah and Luke

Anonymous said...

Dear Luke, I loved it when Max was livng, too.We will miss him so much but we'll remember all the good times we had with him. Some night when you are looking up at the stars and you see one twinkling brighter than the rest
it will be Max telling you he is just fine and he thinks about the special times he had with you, too.

Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Max is a lovely and wonderful boy. He will always, always, always be remembered. I cherish my time spent with him and the WWII picture he drew for me that has been posted on my fridge since May.

Scott Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say we are thinking of you all during this awful week. I love all the pictures of Max you put up here. The Max in my mind is that happy kooky boy in the pictures. Know that the east coast Max contingent are all with you in spirit this weekend and beyond.

Carrie & Jeff Palmer

(With your permission, we will put a link on our Max's site to yours and the mwp site for donations as many of our friends and family ask us about your Max regularly.)

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