Tra La La

Silly home video made before cancer!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Noah, Zoe and I loved watching the TraLaLa video. Zoe is really impressed with Hannah's monkey bar skills. I agree...she is quite the acrobat and you've managed to time the music perfectly!

I'm so happy that you are sharing these memories with us. Seeing Max happily riding his tricycle made us all smile. Thank you.

With love,
Leigh, Noah and Zoe

Shannon B. said...

Love it! Such a happy note...Tra La La!

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking Hannah was part monkey every time I saw her on the bars! Max never stopped smiling! I love this video clip!

Anonymous said...

As someone studying primatology I am thouroughly confused by this video.Nice locomotion Hannah!

Wishing you all peace and prayers as I'm sure you all continue living life to the Max.

Cuck Fancer.

Anonymous said...

That was adorable.

Now that Max is safe and free, I find all myself thinking of and praying for Hannah the most.

I know she just lost her best friend:(

Talita said...

Beautiful Hannah
Beutiful Clip
Beautiful MAX...

Hannah Half human half Ape, and Max sosososo happy... I will pricture him allways as a happy blue eyes, blond haired boy playing with his equaly beutiful best friend/ sister hannah.

Hopeing that today ceremony and celebration of Maxes life was all that you and your family wanted it too be... and I am sure that Max smiled down on all of you while playing with WWII planes and Legos!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this video was the beach clip, when Max looked up, and then ran to stand next to his sister. That sweet silent action said so much. So precious.

Anonymous said...

So cute and sweet....a time of innocence.

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