We had an amazing weekend and I just wanted to give a quick update on events.

Saturday, we started off with a visit to NAS North Island to see a buddy of mine off who had flown in for a night. Anyone who can guess the airplane Max is standing in front of wearing *his* flight helmet gets a certified pat on the back from me.

Afterwards, I picked up Hannah from sibling cancer camp. She was gone all week, I forgot to mention in previous posts. Hannah had a fantastic time on her first week-long sleepover camp experience and I know we'll be doing this again next year.

Today, Max had his 7th birthday party. He had a blast. Thank you to all the kids that showed up... we had over 20!


awrightsd said...

Our family is sending many prayers and positive thoughts/wishes your way.

How can we help?????

Angel Delaney's family,

Bob, Amy, Kevin, Shelley, and Angel Delaney in heaven

Anonymous said...

Max's 7th Birthday Party was a smash! I was thrilled to be there to watch the expressions of excitment and happiness on Max's face. He truely enjoyed having his friends with him to celebrate. I have to add, he has great compassionate friends!!
A fun day for everyone.

Love, Nana

Will's Dad said...

Great stuff! Glad it was a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Wow....too cool! I enjoyed being able to see the pix, looks like Max had a great time. NOT GIVING UP...ever! Hugs...Ms. Weitz

Anonymous said...

As today is THE DAY: Happy, happy birthday, Max!!! Melissa, all your hard work & planning paid off; it was a great party! Thanks for including us! Sorry we ducked out early... and so glad Deb came when she did! xolisa

Randee said...

Hey, Max what a wonderful birthday party!! You and your friends were having so much fun on your Indiana Jones Adventure. That was some pretty cool stuff. I agree with Nana you have some pretty nice friend there kiddo!!! Thank you for inviting your ol Annee Ranee!!! Love to your Mom and Dad and Hannah and Nic, too!! Tons of prayers for you all!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Max - and to his daddy just a few weeks ago. Please know that you're all in our hearts, and thinking about you always, even though we (okay "I") have been so pathetically out of touch.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX from SOUTH DAKOTA! I read your Mom and Dad's blog every day, I love hearing all about you... It sounds like you had a GREAT birthday party. I think birthdays are the best. Marcus loved the Legos you sent him and the card Grandma helped you write! He is so happy to have you as a friend and a cousin in San Diego. He thinks we should pick you up tomorrow and go to the San Diego zoo! He does not realize how far away you live! Hope you are having a great birthday...
Love, Mark & Patty
Adam, Amy and Marcus

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Max!

You look cool in front of that T38!

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