Magic Water Billboard in Boston

Isn't this awesome!?!?!

Three billboards in the greater Boston area were donated by Clear Channel to MagicWater. Someone even stepped up and paid for the art to be produced in billboard size. More info on this is at Will Lacey's site. That's Little Will Lacey there on the board.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! A great way to get the word out! How do we get one in San Diego?


Anonymous said...

Day by day people are hearing about this...this is terrific! xo Linny

deb schwedhelm photography said...

yay...yay! now we need to get one here in san diego with max's picture on it :-))))

if anyone an do it, you can!

Shannon B. said...

Does Andy have any contacts at Clearchannel out here? :)))

Anonymous said...

Hey Max, stay stong and fighting, your a hero to many, as my little boy is too... You both reminde me alot of each other, manily becuase both of you are determened to live and beat odds!!!
Hope all is well... and I cant seam to get tiried for seeing your beautiful smile, you and Dylan Hartuing have won my heart.. Love from Brazil,

Talita Paiva or better knowen as Calebs Mom

San Diego Mom said...

Hey, we are here in SF. We may not have the billboard but will spread the words here when Kent starts school in the fall but before that, the orange wrist bands go to Tokyo!! Shiho

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