6/10 MIBG/CT Official Report

Neuroblastoma sucks.

6/10 MIBG

Findings: Multiple enlarging, and new foci of radiopharmaceutical uptake are present. Within the calvarium at the junction of the frontal and parietal bone, anterior mediastinum just right of the midline, there are enlarging foci. Within the bilateral iliac bones, and diffusely throughout the spine, there are multiple new foci of radiotracer uptake. Uptake within the sacrum and bilateral femur are unchanged. All of these foci demonstrate anatomic correlation. There is physiologic radiotracer uptake within the salivary glands, liver, spleen and kidneys.

Impression: Since the prior I-123 MIBF scan on April 30, 2008, there has been interval worsening of tumor burden characterized by multiple new and enlarging foci of radiopharmaceutical uptake.

6/10 CT

Findings: During the study interval, there has been decrease in size of low-density mass in the right hilar region now measuring approximately 1.6mm in the craniocaudad dimension though extensions of the soft tissue are seen extending slightly cephalad to this within the hilar structures. This mass measures approximately 1.6cm in transverse dimension and 1.5 cm in AP dimension. Low-density mass at the level of the left anterior hemidiaphragm is again identified but has not significantly changed in size or appearance from comparison study. Nodular densities throughout the lungs, predominantly in the right upper lobe, are somewhat atypical for metastatic disease and may relate to atypical infectious process. Mild dependent atelectasis is noted and there is no evidence of pleural effusion. Remaining cardiomediastinum is unremarkable.

Soft tissues are remarkable for stable left chest wall Port-A-Catheter. The bones are stable in appearance with note again of increased sclerosis about T11 as well as mild height loss and sclerosis of T6 vertebral body. The remaining exam is unchanged.

Impression: Decreasing size of low-density mass in the right hilum without significant change in size of the left anterior hemidiaphram mass.

Nodular densities throughout the lungs and predominantly in the right upper lobe may represent infectious process though metastatic disease is not entirely excluded.

Stable sclerotic vertebral body lesions.


Anonymous said...

It just doesn't make sense... How can such a violent battle be going on under the skin of that precious, smiling boy? Hateful disease. I am praying, praying, praying! And never giving up! You all are in my thoughts every minute of the day. xolisa

Anonymous said...

Yes it sucks!!!
Hugs to all and a BIG Fat One for MAX!


Shannon B. said...

It REALLY sucks. It sucks even more because it's Max. Keep up the fight Mighty Max.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My husband always told our children that sometimes life wasn't fair...this is one of them. It is so hard to comprehend that Max has this awful cancer that is over whelming his body. And yet he still has that sweet smile and sparkling eyes. Max is amazing!! I too am praying..and begging for a miracle. You all are in my thoughts every day..multiple times of the each day. xo Linny

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