Just to keep you all in the loop, Tuesday Max is lined up for the following:
  • CT Scan - to determine bony vs. soft tissue disease in comparison with the mibg scan
  • Brain MRI - to see if the spot on his head is in the bone or tissue
  • Urology appt - to check on the blood in his urine
  • Clinic CBCs, urine, chemistry panel
Andy & I will also have a conference call with Drs. Roberts & Sholler to determine the best treatment strategy.

Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. You're giving us strength.


Zeynep said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, from the other side of the world...

Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts tomorrow (as always!). Also praying that a clear course will be found to win this fight! Go MAX! xolisa

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. One day at a time and a plan will be in place soon.
Sending lots of positive energy your way from Boston.
Carrie Palmer

Anonymous said...

Andy and Melissa: My heart aches for you. My prayers are with you. I made a donation to the MW Project today because of your blog. Your son is so beautiful-- may God bless you and your family! Melinda from Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

I will be crossing my fingers (and toes!) that tomorrow will end with a plan to fight with! There IS a Miracle for Max! hugs...Debbie Weitz

Anonymous said...

I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow.. Like I do everyday... You have a great team on your side!! Just keep remembering that!!

rhonda dudley


San Diego Mom said...

May the Force be with you (so appropriate for Max, out Star Wars boy?). We will be blasting our thoughts and prayers to your way. Go get those NB!!! Shiho

Anonymous said...

All my love and prayers for you all tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa and Andy, God bless you and your family. I'm praying for you every morning and night. You are the strongest parents I've ever known and I wish you continued strength.
Tina Deesen

Randee said...

I am not sure what to say this morning except you as always are in my prayers and know there is a Miracle for Max so pray--pray--pray--fight--fight--fight and Never--Never--Never--Give Up!!!!

Love you,

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