Max feeling better

Max woke up this morning (Saturday) wanting food (well, to get Nutren via his g-tube which is his version of food). So far, so good.

More good news. LDH is down. So that really was a false alarm this week but, regardless of the extra work it involves us, our friends and family, and the good folks at RCHSD, it's better to be paranoid and react immediately than wait. This cancer is so aggressive, so difficult to predict its behavior, that I'd rather over-react versus the alternative.

LDH (normal range is 470-900)
2/27: 1143
2/28: 803
2/29: 676


Anonymous said...

Yah! Hope it stays down! And relieved LDH is down, too!

Anonymous said...

Once again prayers are answered! What a relief to get this good news. Much love to all of you... and get some rest!!

Hugs, Nana

Anonymous said...

So relieved that Max is doing better!!! Yah! Keep those positive thoughts going...and get some rest parents. xo Linny

Anonymous said...

Happy Max is feeling better!
Happy Weekend to all!

San Diego Mom said...

I hardly had any time checking your blog but was wondering (and worrying) about Max. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Sam missed Nic too. He will start Miss Lynda's tomorrow. Hope to see him there, if not earlier. Shiho

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