Don't be a skater hater

Tony telling Max that his son has the same shirt but has written all over the skull's head. What is it about little boys and skulls... oh, the pirate thing, right....

Tony doing a hand-plant, Max's favorite trick, right in front of him.

Bucky Lasek and Max.

Max and Sam were treated to another skateboard adventure on Saturday as Clash At Clairemont took place. Max's skate-n-destroy first-grade teacher Miss Sturt and her husband Daniel hooked us and the Hutchison's up with VIP tix to the event. Max originally didn't want to go, but that was just him being lazy. nce we got there, the music, the crowd and the tricks all got him going. The event was very family-friendly and it was mostly kids and families. Cool!
Thank you so much Lisa and Daniel for the fantastic time. Thanks Tony and Bucky for the cool photos. Thanks Tony for being so cool that you make time for Max and Sam.

Tony Hawk at Clash At Clairemont. We were in the VIP area which gave us very close access to the skaters. The boys loved it... then we got to go up to the top of the ramp!


Anonymous said...

wow. that's not just a 6 year-olds treat. i hope dad appreciated it just as much. Mr. Skateboarder sure would have.

Goodnight, Mom said...

Thank you for posting on my blog about Eva. Today, we got the best news possible. In reading the stories of your Angels and Warriors, I just know how lucky we are. I will add Max to my list of prayers.

God Bless you,
Kristi Bernstein

Anonymous said...

Glad Max and his friend had a great time and experience! He is brave to be on such a high..very high ramp!Good to see dad holding onto his shirt tail! Max and family continue to be in my prayers. xo Linny

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