Living life, old senators and Winston Churchill

A crazy thought has been swirling around in my head lately. That despite the grim outlook facing us, we ARE living life to the "max", we are experiencing life fully .... amplified .... the good and the bad. Priorities are clear: Max #1.

Senator Arlen Specter is coming out with a new book about his battle with pancreatic cancer titled Never Give In. Being the exciting guy he is, I'm sure it will be a page turner. Don't get me wrong, pancreatic cancer is a killer.... (it's almost as bad as relapsed neuroblastoma). Because pancreatic cancer strikes older people, and more of them, the funding and research effort is much, much greater (about 5x the number of newly diagnosed per year, with over 20x the funding, versus neuroblastoma). Political power and political pandering make for a wonderful combination of mis-placed priorities, in my opinion.

Another excerpt from Winston Churcill's 1941 Harrow school speech:
Do not let us speak of darker days: let us speak rather of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days .... and we must all thank God that we have been allowed .... to play a part in making these days memorable ....

Some photos
Max and Luke this past weekend at Legoland.

Last weekend. Lest Pat Lacey think he's cornered the market on kids that "disappear" into the other room, only to have broken out the paint and started using their bodies as a canvas, I present Max and Hannah who in a fit of 5 minutes of unsupervised time outdoors, stripped and started using their bodies as paint rollers on the patio. Look closely and you'll see handprints and buttprints. Try that in Boston in March!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Almost cried with the pic of Luke and Max. Glad you counter balanced it with the naked Picassos. There's a huge smile on my face! xolisa

Vickie said...

I will tell you what my friends and relatives always say to me. . ."You have such INTERESTING children."

There is nothing finer than interesting children!


Randee said...

Living To The MAX--TODAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

YEA!! Max is living his life to the max! I got emotional also when I saw the photo of Max and Luke arm and arm..so special..but then both those boys are special in my eyes. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter...hope the Easter bunny delivers lots of goodies to three special Mikulak children. You are in my prayers. As Jim Matthews said (taken from Winston)..never, never, never give up! xo Linny ps. loved the body painting..who do they get that from???

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, such pictures! Lets one know that life goes on with children leading the way. You've made my day!

Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Love the buttprints and handprints. How cute! We can do that in the snow in Boston in March but it makes for very cold, frostbitten children. I hope you have a yellow weekend and lots of treats from the Easterbunny.

Anonymous said...

The Naked Picassos now thats a band name if I ever heard one. Thanks for the inspiration now I am off the write a headbanging skater song with visions of pastel like fluid friendly lyrics......;)


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