La Mesa Fire Dept

More of an update here. Just wanted to profusely thank Justin and Captain Steve from La Mesa Fire Department station 12 for the awesome firehouse experience last Sunday. You can see pics on Max's "kid-friendly" blog. Guys, you made Max's (and Hannah's) day and I'm sure one day Max will really want to be a fireman instead of a trash truck driver!

And a huge thanks to Jon (who set up the visit for Max) and AJ (whom Jon knows and works for LMFD, but was called out of town to fight fires in Northern California).


Anonymous said...

Hi Mikulak family, I am a friend of Randee's. Just wanted to let you know I am continually praying for Max and your family. My son's birhtday is june 20, 2001. I think today's journal entry is funny because my son also wants to be a "trash man" when he grows up. Love and prayers from the Henry Family

Anonymous said...

Max I would not of believed it if I had not seen you driving that big huge fire truck with my own eyes. I glad you steered it good and didn't run over your uncle Mike or me! I was very Happy to finally meet you. God Bless you and keep that BIG SMILE Going as it makes me smile every time I see it. Jon

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