Extreme NB

Life battling NB is frequently a life of extremes. Highs can be extremely high. Lows can be extremely low, obvious on that one. This week is shaping up to be one of those extreme weeks.

High - on Sunday, Max got the firehouse experience of his life. Full tour? 'course. Wear a fire coat and o2 tank? c'mon. Go for a ride in a brand new $750,000 fire engine? whoa.... DRIVE a brand new $750,000 fire engine. WOW! Pull through the garage, switch over to the pump, pull out a 2 1/4" hose and spray water through a real nozzle? NO WAY! See pics here: http://maxmikulak.blogspot.com/

Low - on Monday, check into hospital with fever.

(pending) High - Thursday, take a ride around San Diego bay with a Seal team and cousin Jake (who just got out of the Navy driving the Seal boats). Somehow, the gods have shined down on Melissa and she gets to go on this adventure since the 'boys' want to go out at noon on Thursday. I bet Melissa could auction a boat ride with a Seal team to one of the CV moms for thousands! ;)

Low - gotta figure out a new plan for Max. Obviously addition of VP16/Etoposide has played havoc with his bone marrow (two transfusions in two weeks).

I also just wanted to share some infectious pics of Max working on a new Lego project. And a couple from the Fourth, especially one of Hannah, who's been having a rough time with all the attention, gifts and prizes lavished on Max. I seriously think she would give her left foot to be in the hospital with mommy tonight...

Max with his Imperial transporter Lego set that he bought with the wad of $1's from papa. Look closely and you'll see Lego Luke Skywalker's head on the bikini-clad body of Lego Princess Leia...

Hannah being patriotic and symbolic at the annual kids parade in Del Mar on the morning of the Fourth.

Hannah (Max in background in top hat and red jacket... where's Nic? Oh sh*t!)

When I look at Max's smile I see such innocence.


Anonymous said...

Hi Little Max

Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for you and your family. God will look on you and bless you. My heart goes out to you and your family. I am a friend of your Aunt Randee...we go to the same church. I read your bloggs and am very encouraged to see how much strength you have. May you continue to be strong and thrive. My heart and prayers are with you. God Bless you Carmen Espiritu

Anonymous said...

Max and Family,

Prayers and good thoughts are sent your way daily! Your sweet smile makes ME smile whenever I see your pictures. May the force be with you always!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The kids are sooo big!

I remember them both being so little (Max still in a little playpen napping).

Thank you for keeping a blog so we can stay updated. My Mom has done her best to keep us in the loop. It is so great to see photos and hear from you directly.

You are in our thoughts and prayers and we love you!

Kim and Syd.

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