Nathan Gentry

From Will Lacey's blog today...

The boy and family who have given me so much strength and inspiration to do a better job, to try harder, to dig deeper, and who helped to make me a better dad because of their heroic efforts are coming to the end of Nathan's battle.

Nathan became transfusion dependent because his marrow has stopped producing platelets. Since he is in so much pain they decided to stop giving platelets since extending his life with platelets would only lead to more intense pain and suffering. Since you need platelets to clot your blood this leaves open the very real possibility for a catastrophic bleed.

I ask that if you are someone who prays to please ask your God to spare Nathan and his family that horror, to spare him any more pain, and to give his family the strength and peace that they need right now.

This disease sucks.


Randee said...

Oh man, this sucks. You know I will pray and keep on praying and keep on for as long as it takes. My heart hurts to the core everytime I hear about one of these babies going through this. Love you all, Randee

Randee said...


I am missing your updates----have a wonderful, fun time on your two weeks of beach and fantasy (Mickey, Pluto and Friends). Love you guys!!!Annee Rannee

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