Update with last scans

A little different post here than normal, notes below from a call last week with Max's oncologist which should prove informative to some y'all. These notes are regarding current scans and treatment plans that max is currently on.

12/8/06 MRI
a. Spine appears to be lit from top to bottom in addition to the two original localized spots. (T11 and L2).
b. Second cycle of chemo may not have taken effect at time of this scan. Normally do not look this early in protocol at scans. Slight possibility that cells are “exploding” and then look enhanced.
c. With new MRI showing less diffused, have to interpret as positive for cancer.
d. Raises question “can there be more elsewhere?” MIBG scan ordered to see what shows up.

12/8/06 Bone Marrow Aspiration
a. Shows positive for cancer cells at about same measure as previous aspiration taken 10/20/06. Small focus of cells there each time.

a. Still using low dose 20 grays for radiation on entire spine.

Bone scan
a. Results from 12/21 bone scan show no difference from previous.

a. MIBG scan scheduled for 12/28/06

Nifurtimox Trial
a. Length: trial will last through three chemotherapies. After which Max is eligible to receive the drug for as long as necessary.


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