Greetings from the Northeast

I would say greetings from the great white north, however, there is no snow her in Vermont! We arrived late Sunday night to a 1-2 inches of snow blanketing the ground, but the weather was warm enough the next day that it all melted away.

Max spent the entire day, Monday, in the hospital for the start of the study for Nifurtimox. He took his first pill in the AM then had his blood drawn every hour to track the toxicity levels for the rest of day practically. Max is now taking the nifurtimox three times daily. He's a champ and swallows the pills with a little apple juice, then he gets a Hershey's Kiss. Day one involved lots of bribing with Hot Wheels and I began to think this was going to cost a fortune in diecast cars. However, Max pulled yet another rabbit out of a hat and showed endurance and ability beyond his years! Chocolate's better any day of the week anyway!

Tuesday we had a morning appt for Max to receive his first blood transfusion this go-around. His red blood cells had dropped from the last chemo and he was getting a little pale, tired and irritable. This afternoon he was nice and rosy-cheeked and in good spirits.

Tomorrow we have the day off. Max plans on doing a little shopping (for himself) and getting some vitamin sunshine. It was clear and beautiful today, so we're hoping for more of the same tomorrow. Thursday will find Max back in the hospital for the day for the study. It's not such a bad deal as Max has found the Nintendo and fallen in love with Super Mario Racing something or the other. It certainly makes the day go much faster for him. Friday we have the day off again -- guess we could've flown home a day earlier! Perhaps we'll rent a car and take to the mountains for a little sledding! We brought our snowsuits and boots and can't wait to try them out.

Oh! I don't want to forget to mention how awesome the Ronald McDonald House is here. http://www.rmh-vermont.org/ It is so wonderful. Each night someone from the community has brought dinner for the guests here, Last night we had pasta with meatballs and salad. Tonight a girl scout troop made beef stew, buns, and decorated Christmas cookies. There is a constant supply of baked goods and the refrigerator is always full of food. The volunteers are so friendly -- and so are the other families who are staying here. You just wouldn't believe it.

We'll post more later this week and photos when we get home.


Will's Dad said...

Best of luck in Vermont...I know that every NB parent is waiting to see how Max does.

Will's Dad

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