Chemo #2 Started

Be flexible. That's what we learned last time Max was being treated for cancer. Friday morning 7:30am we were able to put our flexibility into high gear. Max's doctor wanted Max to start his chemo Friday in order to meet some guidelines for the Vermont Study (see nov 22 post).

Needlesstosay, it was a whirlwind of a morning! Hannah went to school with our neighbors, Papa John drove down to stay with Nic all day, and Max and I were at the clinic by 9:15 -- we even packed toys, games, snacks, and lunch! It ended up being a 10 hour day. Blood counts and doctor check have to be done before chemo can be started the first day. And the clinic treatment room was filled with kids getting chemo, blood, etc. I've never seen the nurses so busy.

Max and I were playing cards at one point during the day and he had me shuffle the cards so they blew air on his head. When I pulled the deck away I noticed a few strands of hair had come with. Looks like his hair loss has begun. He doesn't seem in the least worried about it. He's so amazing.

Andy & Max are at the hospital today. Max was hooked up for fluids at 10am, but the chemo wasn't ready to be hung until 12:45. They were able to leave at 4:45. "I'm outta here," said Max. And they were!

It's really cool to be able to come home each day after chemo, eat dinner together, and sleep in our own beds. Then start the new day together as a family, too.

Max's second round of chemo will end on Tuesday. Pending his blood counts he may be able to go to school...? We'll see. He's also scheduled for a CTscan, MRI and bonescan which will make that even harder to achieve.


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