Home from Vermont

Max, Nic, Aunt Randee and I arrived back in sunny(?) San Diego Saturday morning 12/16.

I didn’t mention before that my sister, Randee, joined us on the trip to babysit Nic while Max & I were at the hospital. They had a great time bonding and Nic is now completely spoiled from taking 2-3 stroller rides daily. The Ronald McDonald House was only one block from the town center and they explored it thoroughly. Max and I were able to join Nic and Randee Wednesday on their exploits. We took to the 45 degree, rainy streets and walked about one mile to Echo http://www.echovermont.org/ a science center and aquarium centered on Lake Champlain. The boys had a hoot looking at all the fish and turtles and playing with all the exhibits. We followed that up with a late lunch at Ben & Jerry’s (yes, they serve more than ice cream).

Thursday found Max back in the hospital for Day 2 of the trial. Same routine as Monday: take a pill, have your blood drawn all day between Nintendo games. Don’t get me wrong! We did do some school work, read a few books, saw Santa touch down outside in a helicopter, had a one-on-one meeting with the fat guy in the red suit, yadda, yadda, yadda. Typical hospital stuff.

Friday we took to the roads in hopes of locating snow. No luck. We did, however, locate the Ben & Jerry’s Factory! http://www.benjerry.com/ Huh? How ever did we find that? We took the tour, had a special sample they were making that day, bought some stocking stuffers… the usual.

And now we’re home. Thank goodness. It was a long way to go to get a bottle of pills and get blood work done. Nonetheless, we’re hoping for the best from the Nifurtimax. It’ll be more than worth the 16 hours of travel when it proves itself.


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