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Most of the reader's of this blog know professional photographer Deb Schwedhelm's work with kid's fighting neuroblastoma, Max and Sam specifically. Deb's work with our family was captured in a photoblog that she created called Mashed Potatoes For Breakfast. We'll never be able to give back to Deb what she gave us (forever memories of Max and our family together captured as beautiful images), and she continues to support and engage with our cause to fight neuroblastoma, even though she's moved twice since leaving San Diego.

Her latest effort to support the search for a neuroblastoma cure is something I wanted to share with the rest of Max's followers, in case anyone else felt equally inspired to act as she has.

Since Deb and her family now live in Tampa, its impossible for her to run in Max Run. However, as Deb wrote in her blog post titled Let's Do This, Together, she and her kids will be running 1 mile in Tampa on Sept 11, and she's soliciting her friends and blog readers to support her effort and help raise money for Max's Ring of Fire. Here's what she wrote...

i noticed the MAX RUN, which is taking place in san diego on september 11th, to raise money for pediatric cancer. my initial thought was, oh how i wish i could be there to participate in the run. but why can't i run? and participate? why can't i encourage people to sponsor me (donate) and just run here? and why can't i encourage others to do the same?

so you think you can dance did it with their july 31st national dance day, where people all across the world danced together on the same day. okay, so maybe running isn't exactly as fun as dancing but... let's try it. let's try to run one mile on september 11th together no matter where you are. and let's - together - spread the word and encourage others to donate to fight pediatric cancer. and while your donation can't help max or sam, it could possibly help children like will or talia, who are both currently battling neuroblastoma.

on september 11th, at 9:30 AM, i am going to run one mile. can you please sponsor my run — simply click on the Chip In button below to donate to fight pediatric cancer...

No matter if you live in San Diego or elsewhere, for whatever reason if you can't come and run with us at Max Run on Sept 11, you can still participate by simply running/walking wherever you are - let's make Max Run live up to its name by MAXIMIZING awareness by making it a national day of running/walking in support of finding a cure for childhood cancer, and MAXIMIZING the money raised, 100% which goes directly to fund cutting edge research and clinical trials through a 100% parent-supported consortium.

If you're interested in participating this way, here's all that you need to do:
1) Commit. Just do it. Think of how hard Max struggled against his cancer. 1 mile walking, 5 miles running, whatever, isn't that big a deal.
2) Decide how you'll collect sponsorship money from your friends - there are 3 ways listed below.
- Got a blog? Facebook account? Use a Max Run ChipIn widget to solicit donations online via PayPal using the Max's Ring of Fire PayPal account (so you don't have to worry about donations going to your personal account, instead it goes straight to Max's Ring of Fire). Here's the Max Run ChipIn widget:

simply grab the code via the 'share' tab and embed on your blog. If you need help setting it up on your website email me.
- If you are a more advanced user of web apps, you can also create your own ChipIn widget and use info@maxsringoffire.org as the PayPal account.
- If you are computer illiterate (or the people are that you are going to ask for donations), you can ask for checks to be made out to 'Max Run'.
3) Ask your friends/family/co-workers to sponsor you.

Pretty simple actually, isn't it? Operators are standing by (me, via email -- amikulak@maxsringoffire.org) to help you if you have questions or need assistance.

Thank you to all that have already donated, registered to run, or volunteered. For those still sitting on the sidelines wondering what they can do... jump in! Ask for help if you need it. We'd love to have you join us.


deb schwedhelm photography said...

hope the run went well there in san diego. and congratulations on exceeding your goal.

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