Love Lemons

Yesterday we received the following email. It's timing was no coincidence, I believe. The sender, the daughter of a very kind and loving family whom we don't see enough of, is Hannah's age, and her younger brother and Max were the same age also. I think Max (or God) is trying to send me a message, perhaps I'm complaining too much and praising too little. Thank you Shiney!

hi how are you? this summer ive raised a lot of money doing lemonade stands with my friends! today im doing one and i made a very great sign telling about max! cant wait to see you again so i can give you the money i raised !


Bree said...

We need more adults with the innosance and love of a child! How heartwarming! I'm loving your posts Andy.

Randee said...

Out of the mouths of babes-we gain wisdom!!

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