I was struck by this today. From Will Lacey's blog ...

    • Will has completed 57 cycles of chemo and the last 20 cycles have been under
      the guidance of Dr. Sholler in Vermont.

    • The last 20 cycles have given Will an incredible quality of life.

    • The last 20 cycles have allowed Will to live life as a normal kid.

    • The last 20 cycles were not available anywhere else.

    • Think about that.Over 1/3 of the cycles of chemo we have given to our son - the last 18+ incredible months of his life - are a result of treatment he has received that he would not have gotten, could not have gotten, anywhere else.I'm forever grateful that Will has had this opportunity to try this therapy, to have these options, because I know that we are incredibly fortunate to not only have these options available but to be so close to the care team that is providing them.
57 cycles of chemo starting when Will was 9 months old! Lance Armstrong wouldn't even be able to comprehend that amount chemo... particularly in the body of small child.

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Randee said...

Just incredible--there are some things my mind just doesn't wrap around. I just don't get it. A trillion in stimulus money--do you think they could spare a mil or two.

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