The Conductor

The sublime beauty of our world is sometimes most evident in situations which most people consider uncomfortable and difficult to witness.

Erik Ludwinski, who has been mentioned here many times before, is a young man of 24 years but much, much, much fuller of mature wisdom and perspective than anyone I know. Erik has a difficult path ahead of him. Imagine being told how you might die... soon. Imagine hoping for the relatively calm but still potentially painful path to death through liver failure due to tumor burden. This, versus the stressful, chaotic and scary path to death through brain tumors and the non-stop seizures that accompany them. As Erik's mom Donna puts it so bluntly, "How would you orchestrate a death?" Much less your son's death.

Erik has much to say about this whole ordeal, and loves that some people want to hear how God is supplying tangible strength to endure this wicked challenge. It blesses him tremendously to share what he has learned, and for those he is close to--also the fear and pain of facing death, and cry together. How many of us can tell someone how to die, or how to trust God in the process? We have to hear from Erik not preach to him.

Thankfully, Erik's pastor has captured some of what Erik has said and I know I am not the only one hoping to hear and learn more from him. Erik's in charge and he's conducting the orchestra. Our job is to listen to and appreciate the beauty of the music he's creating.


Anonymous said...

Erik has reminded me much of Erin....both so full of passion and wringing out every moment of life's experiences - always going and doing - and making a tremendous impact and change in their wake. lisa

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