Cody 3/6/9

I've been following Cody's blog for some time. About 6 weeks ago, his neuroblastoma took a turn for the worse. For me, it was especially hard to watch because his decline so closely resembled Max's. Every angel parent, and justifiably so, is convinced that losing their child is the greatest trajedy of all. For me personally, losing Max at 7 and Cody being 6 is especially tough. At their ages, they have developed complex personalities. They are reading, writing, expressing themselves. As parents, this age is one of transition and rapid growth. We can 'hang' with them at this age. As boys, they begin to understand the finer qualities of things with pistons, things that burn fuel, and things that explode or perhaps cause other things to explode. Important stuff when you're a boy (or an older boy that just so happens to have to work for a living).

Cody loved Legos. Tonight, me, Nic and Hannah will build Legos in Cody's honor. If I'm right about this, Max and Cody are working on their Lego Jungle Cutters up in heaven right now.


Anonymous said...

I have been following Max for so long and learned about Cody through your band of special kids on the right of your page. Even though I have never met either of your angels, I am so positive that they are both up in heaven. Max, I'm sure was waiting with open arms for his new little brother, Cody. Like you said, I'm sure they are both laughing painless smiles and having a blast with their legos. My heart, as always, is with you and the Johnson family. As an adult cancer fighter (i'm 28 ) I would give anything to take the pain away from these youngsters and their families. My love and prayers for strength are with you all. Thank you for sharing the beauty and warmth of both of your families in the midst of such sadness and pain. Every time one of my treatments brings me down I close my eyes and think of the strength and determination both of your boys had, they are my heros and they give me strength. Laurie from NJ.

Randee said...

There are no words. These precious little angels leave such a large empty place here but heaven is full of laughs and giggles as Max and Cody meet. The picture of Cody on the beach reminded me so much of Max and his antics. My prayers for God's comfort. Love and prayers!!!! Annee Ranee

Jessica Nichols said...

Hello, I've been reading your blog for awhile now and as a 4x cancer survivor at age 38 and a mom of a little boy (age 5.5), I have to admit that it is very hard for me to read your blog. But I feel compelled and so I do, with tears in my eyes every time.

I am posting to say thank you for continuing to post and for sharing other precious stories like Cody's, heartbreaking as they are to read. I know I found your blog originally for a reason and I will always read it as long as you continue to post.


P.S. I'm with Laurie from NJ -- I wish I could do all the battling for everyone, why do so many people have to fight the beast in all its various forms? I'll never understand it.

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