Test Pilots

Max at last year's Clash

Tomorrow, Melissa is volunteering at the Clash At Clairmont III, a really great skate-themed fundraiser for cancer held in San Diego every year. Last year, I took Max and we got hooked-up with great all-access passes courtesy of Lisa Sturt's husband Daniel (also responsible for the awesome Star Wars video). Lisa was Max's first grade teacher and was his second grade teacher as well but then you know how that story goes....

March 2008 was so incredible. Legoland (2x). Kustom Kar Show at Del Mar. Pinewood Derby. Clash at Clairmont. We knew. We just didn't admit it to ourselves. I hold on to those memories of some of the last relatively carefree days with Max so tightly. They are more precious than anything that could ever be.

As Melissa posted a couple of days ago, we've had a good week for Maxapalooza. Everything depends on the venue. And the venue that was needed was not "normal". After all, a WWII/Skate/Lego/Punk Rock/Star Wars-themed event does not take place at your local Holiday Inn Suites ballroom (not even the grand ballroom). On our last trip to Disneyland, weeks before Max died, we sat in California Adventure in the Condor Ridge area next to Soaring Over California (next to Star Tours, Max's fav ride). The soundtrack to The Right Stuff plays over the scene. Airplane hangars; the Jet Age; the Right Stuff. it was all perfect. I remember sitting there, looking around, knowing what was to come soon, and thinking: This is it. This is the theme of Max's life. This is what Living Life to the Max means. It means even though the plane that you are about to climb into has never been flown before, you climb in anyway. Max, and those test pilots, had no other choice. It was live life, to the fullest, no matter the outcome.

Here's the lineup so far:
- September 26 *may change, stay tuned for details.
- Palomar airport, Carlsbad (Premier Jet is sponsoring - thank you!!)
- P51 Mustang in bitchin' olive drab and red/yellow checker (red/yellow make orange ya know).
- Other warbirds (WWII fighters) TBD but likely.
- Flyover by F-5, F-18 and hopefully a warbird - missing man formation likely.
- Skate program TBD but looking good.
- Band TBD but lot's of options and connections to run down.

We need some help. If you or someone you know is interested in helping us out with the following, please contact me!
- Web producer - integrate myriad transactional (donations/auctions), social networking (blogs), etc.
- T-shirt/apparel designer(s) - to produce a line of MROF (that'd be Max's Ring of Fire) merch via Zazzle or other.
-Facebook/social media guru - someone to build/maintain a shiznit presence on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc (we have a great group on Fb already thanks to Shannon - come join us!).
- For Maxapalooza, an event coordinator/manager so Melis and I can leave the details to someone else while we focus on big picture (i.e., $$/guest experience) stuff.


Unknown said...

Hi Andy and Melis, I'd like to help, but I don't fit any of the needs buckets ... yet. Andy, you know what I do. Let me know if you think of something I can help with. -- Natalie

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