Sat 1/26/08 - Max Home!

Whew! Max's blood counts were A-OK and he and Andy were home 2 1/2 hours after they left. He still has a fever and feels very yucky, but he's home in his own bed. Good night!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates!!!! Yah!!!! Answered prayer, too! I'm sorry he still feels yucky. It's definitely been going around. Can't wait to see him better!

michele vaughn said...

Andy & Melissa,

I stumbled across your blog page. I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to be married to one of Andy’s really good friends, Dave Jenkins.

I often thought since the day I changed my entire life and many others, of trying to contact you guys, but how do you contact friends when you are embarrassed of your actions and what the outcome is. How trivial that is into comparison of how important life really is.

After hearing what your family has undergone in the last 2 years, I really do regret not keeping in touch. I know I could not have changed things, but I do truly know how much help and support families need to stay strong in times of difficult challenges.

I am a Fire Captain and have been our Fire Department’s liaison for the American Cancer Society for the past 6 years. I have met some of the most amazing families fighting cancers, outstanding survivors and have cried for people I never knew. It seems like every year I hear of someone close to me or someone I know who has to battle this terrible disease, your battle is the 5th battle I know of this year. I just lost a friend (41 years old) last week to a rare brain cancer, so it only angers me more to hear of your young fighter.

Please forgive me for not keeping in touch, but please know your family will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I do miss you and regret the fact that I missed out on getting to know your beautiful children!

Your Max, Hanna and Nic are beautiful and I see you guys in their smiles.

Miss and Love you,
Michele Vaughn, formerly Jenkins

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone is sick! That's no fun. I missed Max's smiling face and his twinkling eyes today when I was in Mrs. Sturt's class today. My prayers will be with Max as he starts his chemo treatment to kill all the bad guys! Get strong and well Max!...and the rest of the 'clan' also! xo Linda Matthews

Anonymous said...

Ick...but glad he is home in his own cozy bed!
Hugs & Smiles.......
Ms. Weitz

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