Hearing Loss associated with lost hearing aides

Well, I knew something like this would happen eventually. We have officially lost one of Max's hearing aides. (For those of you familiar with the cost of hearing aides you should exhale that Gasp! you just made before you pass out.)

I'm not totally sure about this story but this is what I think may have happened...
We're getting ready for school Thursday morning. Shoes on, hair brushed, jackets, check! Max and Nicky are squabbling upstairs about something (yes, a six yr old fighting with a two yr old). The two yr old grabs the hearing aide and throws it somewhere because he's mad a the six yr old. Let's go you guys - to the car! Finally, they're all buckled in (or strapped down - which ever you prefer) and I have to run back in for the hearing aides. Hmmm, there is only one here on the dresser. That's a problem. Run back downstairs to the car, "Max, there's only one. Do you know where the other is?" Max, "No." That's helpful. "Nicky, did you put Max's hearing aide somewhere?" Nicky, "Yes." Ok, get him out of the car to show me where the thing is. He says in the trash in the upstairs bathroom and under the red chair in the family room. Ugh - gonna be late for school. Back to the car. Here Max just put this one in for now and I'll bring the other when I find it.

It's been four days, the cleaning lady has been here and looked for it, I've dug through our trash FOUR times and even went through the vacuum bag, I've emptied drawers... the damn thing is gone. I'm short of breath just thinking about it. And I'll tell what's gonna happen: we're going to buy a new one and the lost one will show up.

Any audiologists out there who can cut me a deal on a high-end hearing aide?


Anonymous said...

Of all the bad luck! Just remember... NEVER,NEVER,NEVER GIVE UP!!! Keep looking! One day, when you are least expecting it, there it will be... Hanging from a picture frame, behind the dresser, in Nic's pocket(!?) or where ever.
For sure we know it's in the house... Happy hunting.

Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Perhaps my dream I told you about (children looking thru your cupboards, drawers, etc) was prophetic... Maybe you could have some of Hannah's and Max's friends over for a "treasure hunt"! (Of course you could wind up with a huge mess with that!) :)

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment at the Mikulak's!! Hope you find it BEFORE you get a new one!!!
=) Ms. Weitz

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