Hearing Aide Found!

What are the chances? Amazingly enough Nicky had nothing to do with the disappearance of Max's hearing aide. I found it in one of the many treasure boxes Hannah keeps on top of their dresser. It had fallen through a small hole in the top. Whew! 6 1/2 days of torture is over and we're all happy!


Anonymous said...

Look at ALL that hair in that picture! :) So glad you found the hearing aide before purchasing a new one. I googled prices for them...yikes! It REALLY is a treasure. Glad Frenchie was innocent in all this, too!

Anonymous said...

Great news about the hearing aid! I have to smile when I think about little Nic trying to help you by pointing out places he put it. What a kiddo!

Much love, Nana

Anonymous said...

ms. weitz

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