Week of Feb 5 and the Week Ahead...

This week Max visited the clinic on Tuesday for a much need platelet transfusion. When your platelets get low you bruise really easily. His every night shot in the leg which is as gentle as a shot can be and normally is invisible, looked like I had shot him in both thighs with an elephant tranquilizer.

He'll have his CBCs drawn Friday. I don't expect he needs anything, so we'll get him right back to school for the rest of the day. Of course I'm hoping his counts are really good and don't drop because...

Next week, Feb 12-16, Max starts his 5th round of chemo and we need his blood counts to be A-OK in order for that to happen. (Yeah, I feel like we were just there last week, too!)

Oh no! Is Max going to miss his school Valentine's Day party. No... I already spoke with his oncologist who is sensitive to the kids' needs. He said we could hydrate in clinic before the party then head back down for chemo after. It'll make it a late day at the clinic - but well worth it. And Max did such a nice job writing names on all his cards and making his groovy-animal print box that he would be heart-broken if he missed the fun. Look for pictures of the party on Max's site next week!


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