Bummer Weekend for Max

We're 6 days post chemo and Max's blood counts have plummeted. His reds were only 8.5 on Thursday with every indication that they'd be dropping over the weekend. (For reference: transfusions take place for reds at 7.5-8.0) His platelets are also really low again with bruising on his legs where I have to give him his GCSF shots.

The poor boy was feeling low yesterday, Saturday, but today was just about the lowest I've seen him - everything made him cry and we were doing our darnedest to keep him happy. He spent the whole day at home, by choice, curled up on the couch in his jammies with his blanket. We watched some TV and read a book about pirates. He didn't even feel like playing his Star Wars video game! A little later in the afternoon he ventured out to the dining room to play with his legos for a while. He had a good breakfast and lunch but was so pooped by dinner that he just wanted to go to bed... 5:30pm.

I'm looking forward to getting him to clinic tomorrow and filling up his tank. I expect him to be a mess in the morning and a chatty-cathy on the way home.

Auch... it's been a tiring day.


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