Chemo V Started

Just a quick note while I'm home collecting stuff for an overnight stay at the hospital:

Max's counts were great today and he's starting his 5th round of chemo. Unfortunately (for us parents) Max has to be inpatient. Starting on a Thursday means he'll need to receive the chemo over the weekend and the outpatient clinic is not open on the weekend. In the past when this has happened we've been able to come to the inpatient ward daily, however, this time the ward is probably going to be full: no bed=no treatment. So to make sure Max can get his chemo everyday with no delay he has to stay for five days in the ward. I would like to point out that Max is very happy with this situation. Inpatient kids get playroom access!

We could have waited until next week to start chemo, but then we'd be dealing with the uncertainty that his blood counts might drop again... further delaying chemo.


Anonymous said...

Andy, it's Courtie, man, give me a call whenever you have some time. Give our love to to the family and let me know if I can do ANYTHING to help you. Whatever it is big or small man, please just let me know!
858 336 2600 ... 858 947 5148.

awrightsd said...

Max has such a great attitude and positive people around him!!!

Let me know how I can help with Hannah and/or the baby.

Amy, Mom to Angel Delaney, Kevin and Shelley (in 2nd grade with Hannah)

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