Radiation treatment and update

We are going in today (Monday 5/23) to Moores UCSD Cancer Center to have a consult with the pediatric radiologist who will let us know what radiation they think is necessary for Max to have in order to be thorough in his treatment protocol. Even though, as of his last diagnostic update before his stem cell transplant, Max was esssentially cancer-free, this cancer is just too aggressive to leave the door open to any remaining cancer cells.

We were prepared for this of course and we don't anticipate any suprises. Most likely the radiation will be concenctrated at the site of his tumor -- or what's left of it (left shoulder/neck).

This weekend we broke the rules a bit and we went to the beach. Even though Max is still supposed to be in isolation, it was too much to resist... and Max was soooo happy to be out and about, with his feet in the sand. You could just see the joy in his face as he rubbed his toes in the sand!

We'll post another update after his radiation consult later today.


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