Miracle Max!

Okay, this kid is just a miracle! We are thirteen days past Max's stem cell transplant, he's been in the hospital for a whole 20 days, his blood counts are out of this world, and as soon as he eats a couple of meals in a row he gets to go home.

Yes, you read correctly: gets to go home. (I hope he eats a great dinner!)

They cut his IV nutrition in half today, to 12 hours per day, which has already helped his appetite come back. Today for lunch he had 1/4 hot dog and 1/2 choc chip cookie. He's on the right track!

Max's blood counts have stayed up and he received his final GCSF shot (white cell booster) Saturday night. He only received two red blood transfusions and two platelet transfusions during this whole stay.

Max is obviously feeling great. Energetic and happy. We remind him daily that he can go home in a few days if he eats well now. He seems to understand and is doing his best.


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